Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Here is a letter Jackson sent from the MTC, dated July 30th, 2013
Hey Everyone,  

      I am having such a good time at the MTC. I love the classes and the teachers, there is so much spiritual knowledge to be had.  We have had classes everyday, pretty much all day. But its great! Our district is amazing, we have two sister companion ships and three elders companion ships.  We have classes together during the day and then have a devotional at night, we eat together just chill.  On Sunday we were able to go walk around the Provo Temple and it was a blast.  We also got to watch a recorded Christmas devotional by Elder Bednar that talked all about growing closer to Christ by turning outward and serving others before ourselves when the natural man would turn inwards.  When we turn outwards then we are spiritualy enlightened. 

 I have been called as the district leader and have loved serving my district, I know it has blessed me by getting to know the members in my district better and have an increased love for them. In our class we have teachers who role play as investigators who they had on their missions. It is unreal how you can be talking to a teacher in one room and then they leave to another room, you go in to teach and it is a comletley different person with real problems who you can teach and help grow. For example we have an investigator named Steve who knows of God and Jesus Christ but didnºt think that they knew about him as an individual. So in our lesson we taught him that God loves him and testified to him that God cares, we then had him pray and taugh him that the feeling he had was the spirit.  We invited him to pray at nights and also pray and read the book of mormon.  When we study we are able to leave ourselves out of the equation and focus on our investigators needs and learn for them and I always find that I learn something that I need and grow in spirit and faith.
My time is out but I love you all and guess what, next week is fast Sunday


           Elder Ward

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