Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 3, 2013 update
Life in Sheboygan is better than ever.  This week has been really great as far as the weather and the work goes.  It has really started to cool off at nights and during the day. Which makes it a lot easier to walk places and not get heat exhaustion. We have been able to talk to all of our investigators the past week with summer winding down and everything starting to get back to normal.  We had some really great lessons this week about the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The people ask questions and really care about learning and growing in the spirit.  We have started to text out a daily scripture to our investigators to encourage and remind them to read from the book of mormon. Last night the verse was from Helaman 5;12 it talks about when we have Christ as our foundation we can not fail.  How important is this guarantee. We already know that if we follow satan we will lose and how hard it is sometimes to resist temptation and to not let trials get us down. But when we remember that through Jesus Christ we always have someone to turn to.  There is a scripture in 2 nephi 28;32 that the Lord said ''come unto me; for mine arm is lengthend out all the day long" and he will help us with whatever we need. It such a blessing to be able to teach people that they have this great support and source of peace and comfort in the Lord.  This week we were tracting and some guy got out of his car and started "enlightening" us about how the ''mormon'' religion is false and how all we need to do is accept Christ to be saved.  He kept giving us garbage for about 30 minuets and finally we bore testimony (which he discredited) and left.  Feeling quite ticked that this man was so close minded against the truth, we stopped by the bishops house on the corner of the street to feel the spirit again and shared a quick testimony and scripture in 2 nephi 28;2 how the things in the book of mormon will be of great worth to the children of men.  We talked about how powerful the atonement is and how we can learn about it better through the Book of Mormon.  Bishop Holmes then shared how when looking at infinity it doesn't matter if we go 10 miles or 10,000 miles we are no closer to infinity. But when we accept Christ and apply the Atonement He takes us to infinity.  The Bishop then invited us for lunch.  For Labor Day we had a Brat cookout at a members house.  Brother Klunk is the Ward missionary and he's a recent convert so he is awesome. We take him teaching all the time.  Well that was my week. I love hearing from everyone!  Love you all!
Elder Jackson Moroni Ward

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