Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

So last week it was warm and sunny, this week hasn't been too cold but it has snowed more.  So I have had a crazy week. It has been a good week though! So last week it was warm and sunny. I got a new companion this transfer, His name is Elder James Humble, he's from Utah and went to a year at Utah State University so we have a lot to talk about. I'm pretty excited to work with him.  With transfers and 2 separate funerals we have been pretty busy. All the lessons we had with our main investigators fell through unfortunately but we have rescheduled with all of them for this week so I am quite excited about that. On our way back up from transfer point we stopped in Tomahawk to visit 2 less active families. We were blessed to find them both home and we were able to set up a lesson with one the Ks, they came to church this past week which has been a first since my first week here in November. The other less active family the Rs we were able to stop by and not set a specific return appointment for this week but he wants to have us out for dinner in the coming weeks. 
We have had a rough time tracting this week but we did manage to find 2 very solid potentials within a few minuets of each other. Man we had success in 2's this week. But the funerals were good opportunities to talk to a few less actives and family members. One of the husbands of the deceased wife might be returning to church so we'll be working with him to try and give comfort and support. 
We did meet with A before Elder Wheeler left and talked about the covenant of baptism and exactly what she will be covenanting and how she can be strengthened through the holy ghost. 
I am very excited to work with Elder Humble, He knows a lot about how to work with people and is very knowledgeable in the gospel. I hope that we will together long enough to get some things done in Rhinelander. 

One thought I had this morning was about faith, sometimes faith can seem futile and weak, barely more than a hope. But as I was reading in Jesus the Christ by James Talmage, I learned a bit more about faith and how it relates to the power the Lord has.  With all the miracles the Lord performed on the earth the majority of them were by the faith of the recipients.  In Preach My Gospel we learn that faith is a principle of power by which God operates.  I learned in Jesus the Christ that it is by the faith that we have in the Savior that He can work miracles in our lives, even to the harnessing and controlling the elements as He did on countless occasions. 
 I hope everyone has a great week! 
Love Elder Ward

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