Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October 21st update

Hey everyone!  
I have had a great week!  It is pretty chilly in the morning and evenings, I have had to break out the coat a few times.  It rained pretty hard the other day and we are out of miles for the month with our car so we got to walk, which is alright.  It is so pretty here in Wisconsin, so many trees, so many colors!  Since there are no mountains you can see the sky in all directions and its pretty cool. 
This week was good, we talked to many new people and saw a lot of miracles.  Here's one, so my companion and I are pretty much out of miles so we were walking to a referrals house to set up an appointment, they were there and we set up a lesson for this week! We were walking back on a busy road but we felt we wouldn't really see anyone so we walked a few blocks in and headed up through the neighborhoods.  We started talking to this guy who was edging his lawn.  He has been so prepared by the Lord, He is married, lives the word of wisdom, he is looking for a new church, he has BYU tv and loves the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  We asked if we could tell him a little bit more about the church and he gladly set up a time for tomorrow.  At times I get down because I feel like no one wants to learn and no one keeps commitments, but I have learned that when I focus on the little blessings that God has given me I realize all the help and success that He gives me.  And I have all the more desire to serve him and do his will. 
My spiritual thought is one of my favorite scriptures for my mission but also for everyone on this earth.  It's in Moroni 9:6 And it talks about how we all have a duty while we are on this earth, we are commanded to labor diligently so that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness.  I really love this verse because it reminds me that when we are righteous we exercise power over satan.  When we are diligent then we do the things that please God. satan has no power over us, only the power that we give him over us.  So my challenge for everyone is to cast off those things that we do that give power to satan in little ways.  What ever it is when you rid yourself of it you grow closer to God and then he will bless you all the more fully.  

I will end with a quote that I love that helps me remember diligence to the Lord " Consecration is the only surrender which is also a victory"  Neil A Maxwell 
When we dedicate ourselves to God we show Him our love for Him
I Love you all! Have an amazing week!
Elder Ward

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