Sunday, February 16, 2014

Letter from Feb 3, 2014

We have had an interesting week up in Rhinelander, there has been a lot of progress with our investigators. L came to church and had a good experience, there were many great testimonies about prayer and the Book of Mormon. A is continuing to progress and prepare for baptism. We received a few different Headquarter referrals this week and though the majority of them were not interested or had illegitimate information, However, one woman, F, went to church in Florida but never joined, but she wanted the Book of Mormon and to know about the church in Rhineland. It was such a miracle, she was just online ordering groceries and happened upon the church website.
This week we made strides to see more less actives but all 4 of the appointments we set up were dropped or canceled due to them getting sick or having to re schedule. But we were excited to be able to be in contact with some people in the ward we haven't met before. We also have been working with the Ward council to try to track down the young single adults in the ward and see which ones still live here and which have moved out. So hopefully as we contact these people we can invite them to continue to build their faith and grow.

So It has been both miraculous and frustrating.  But that is all right, we have amazing members and many promised miracles.  

As I have been reading the first of the Book of Mormon, I don't know how many times Lehi and Nephi are told and promised that as they are obedient to the commandments they will be blessed and prosper in the land.  It is so true, I have seen many investigators and members be blessed through their obedience and diligence to keeping the commandments of the Lord.  
I love you all so much and hope that you have a great week and stay warm!
Elder Ward

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